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Sunshine and Stardust

You are made of sunshine and Stardust Wrapped up in an intimate embrace
You have been a witness to my madness and granted me infinite grace
You have borne my sorrows with me when I cried Kept your patience with me while I tried
When I am with you I know I am in the right place

I want you to turn and look at your self see through the love in my eyes
I want you to see the light deep within take off your prisoner disguise
I want you to feel the warmth of love I feel when I look upon your face
When I am with you I know I am in the right place

I know how many times you’ve been abused and injured That there’s nobody who actually sees
I know how many years you have been looking For the forest among the trees
There’s no more point in waiting For different circumstances than these
I need to be with you now I’m asking you please

I can sure feel that there is connection There’s a burning yearning coming from the spark that lights us all
I can offer you protection I will be there to catch you if you fall
I always will support you I won’t get on your case
When we are together I know we are in the right place

I can offer my protection
Some respite from the race

Something something something but that’s all in the past
Now that I am with you I am in the right place at last

Sunshine and Stardust – Jazzy
Sunshine and Stardust – Pop